Welcome to The Testing Center at Ridge Community High School.  We are tasked with ensuring that each of our students are identified and administered the appropriate state and district mandated assessments required for graduation.

State Testing

District & FSAA Testing

AP Exams

Mr. Steven Obrien
Testing Coordinator
(FSA, ACT School Day & PSAT)

T: 863-419-3315 x433
E: steven.obrien@polk-fl.net

Mrs. Kelly Hansell
Student Success Coach
District Quarterly Exams, STAR & FSAA Testing

T: 863-419-3315 x587
E: kelly.hansell@polk-fl.net

Ms. Karen Johnson M.Ed.
Assistant Principal
Advanced Placement Testing

T: 863-419-3315 x416
E: karen.johnson@polk-fl.net

Testing Snapshot

Know your Testing Status

In order to help alleviate any questions, we have created an easy to navigate resource with additional detailed information regarding state and district mandated testing, as well as resources for helping to determine graduation testing requirements.  Please feel free to reach out to our staff to help answer any questions you may have regarding your testing status here at the Ridge.