Schedule Change Requests

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If you would like to request a schedule change, please access the form here:

Schedule changes are subject to class availability and will only be approved for errors in scheduling–wrong class level, duplicate course, missing period in schedule, etc. If the requested class is available, you will receive a copy of your new schedule from your 1st period teacher. Please understand that several classes may move around in order to accommodate your request. If the change is unavailable, your schedule will remain the same.

Please do not complete more than one schedule change request form as this will further delay the scheduling process.

Requests to rearrange your schedule, change your teacher, or change your lunch will be denied.

School Counselors

A – Conk

Mrs. Beverly Bohn | | 863-419-3315 x 431

Col – Gib

Mr. Anthony Smith | | 863-419-3315 x426

Gil – Lopez

Mr. Fernando Bernard | | 863-419-3315 x424

Lor – Pai

Mrs. Ana Soto-Cortes | | 863-419-3315 x425

Pal – Se

Mrs. Cecily Marrero | | 863-419-3315 x421

Sh – Z

Mr. Steve Haun | | 863-419-3315 x427

College & Career Counselor

Mrs. Felicia Holliday | | 863-419-3315 x423