PSAT Testing Information – Thursday 10/29/2020

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We will be testing all of our 10th grade students (eSchool and Campus) with the PSAT test on Thursday 10/29.

Students who are not testing will remain in their 1st  period block until testing concludes.  Lunches will be directed via a coordinated schedule with admin and teachers.  Students can expect to attend only 1st period and 7th period on Thursday.  Students who are testing should check their MyPolkSchools email for their testing location to expedite the check-in process.  eSchool students coming to campus should arrive no earlier than 7am and no later than 7:10am, and will arrive through the bus loop near building 2.  Masks are required and a temperature check will be conducted.  Please do not bring your laptop, as this is a paper based exam and no technology is required.

10th grade students who need their Algebra 1 EOC graduation requirement have the opportunity to earn this with a score of 430 on the math section of the PSAT.  All students are encouraged to do the very best they can on this test.

For those 9th, 11th and 12th grade students, we appreciate your cooperation during this massive testing day to accommodate the opportunity for our 10th grade class.  For students testing, if you have any questions about the test, please reference your testing letter sent to your student email by Dr. Soto-Huertas.