Dresscode Information

2020-2021 Dress Code

Student Identification Badges and Mask will be worn at all times to ensure
safety and security of students and staff. Students must wear the ID card
at all times around the neck area when on school grounds.

  • Jeans, Dress Slacks or Knee Length Shorts with appropriate fit. Belts preferred.
    • No tight-fitting material (spandex, leggings, workout pants, etc.)
    • No holes in clothing above the knee
    • No pajama pants
  • Oxford Style Dress Shirt (with buttons from neck down, top button may be open), 2 or 3 button Polo shirt with sleeves, and/or School/Crew Neck T-Shirt. Pullover/sweatshirts may also be worn (if worn over a shirt, the shirt must be appropriate.)
    • No see-through materials.
    • Nothing on shirt promoting alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, sex, violence, or discrimination.
    • No shirts/tops/dresses without sleeves. All shirts must cover shoulders and midriff.
    • No sweaters/jackets used to cover up inappropriate dress code. First layer of shirt/top closest to skin must be appropriate.
  • Dresses must have sleeves and the length must be to the knee. Neckline of the bodice must be appropriate similar to the shirt requirements in #2 above.
    • No see-through materials
    • Jackets/sweaters cannot be used to cover up an otherwise inappropriate dress.
  • Trench Coats are NOT appropriate nor are they ALLOWED for grades K-12.
  • Hooded sweatshirts are allowed, but hoods MAY NOT be worn over the head during school hours. (Strictly Enforced District Policy)
  • No Hats/headbands/head coverings without principal approval for documented religious/health issues/weather conditions.
  • Prefer tennis shoes/safe shoe options. No heels over 2 inches. No house shoes/slippers.
  • No bandanas or Doo Rags.


  • Academies may also have uniforms that are approved through administration, examples would be nursing scrubs, JROTC attire, etc…
  • Any religious/special needs will be addressed on an individual basis by the principal.
  • Appropriate jackets will be accepted as weather warrants.
  • All items of dress must meet the above guidelines as well as the guidelines provided in the District Code of Conduct.

CHOICE Procedures

2020-2021 CHOICE Procedures

Ridge Community High School will strive to help each student make positive behavioral choices. The Choice Room is a place to learn, and our goal is to help students make the best decisions possible and to keep them in school. Through the Choice Program we handle all minor school concerns such as tardiness, minor discipline issues, dress code and other minor infractions. When a student is sent to the Choice Room we will work with him/her to correct the situation. Students will remain in the Choice Program for the remainder of the period in which they were sent. While in the Choice Room, students will not be permitted to sleep, put head down, eat, drink, or chew gum. In addition, work will be assigned by a dean to be completed by the end of the period. Failure to do so may result in additional disciplinary consideration. Students will be permitted to make up academic work within three days of missing class. The student will be permitted to return to classes the following period. Each student will receive three (3) opportunities to correct minor misbehavior per class period before receiving an out-of-school suspension. These three infractions per period will only appear as a conference on the student’s record. If a student reaches 7 infractions during one class period, a parent/guardian will be required to conference in person with administration before the student can return to school. Any disruption may result in immediate suspension from school depending on severity of the situation, as well as the student’s reaction.

Discipline: All students are expected to follow school policies and procedures.

  • Tardies: Punctuality is essential for student success. There will be a warning bell 1 minute prior to each tardy bell. All students must be inside the classroom door before the final tardy bell. If not, the student will report to the Choice Program. ALL TARDIES WILL REPORT TO THE CHOICE PROGRAM. THE ONLY EXCEPTION IS IF A STUDENT IS RETURNING FROM AN APPOINTMENT AND PROVIDES A DOCTOR’S NOTE OR ARRIVES ON A LATE BUS.
  • Minor Discipline: Class disruption interrupts the educational process. If disruption occurs, the teacher will call the office and send a notice to the Choice Program by email. An administrator will come to the classroom to escort the student to the Choice Program where the previously mentioned procedures will transpire.
  • Food/Candy Sales: No merchandise of any kind will be sold by individual students. Items will be confiscated and will not be returned.
  • Electronic Devices: During the school day, all electronic devices must be turned off and not visible.

**Any infraction considered serious by the Code of Conduct, such as bullying, weapons, fighting, gangs, etc., will be handled by an administrator or the School Resource Officer and the student will not be afforded the opportunity to handle his/her infraction by working with the Choice Program. These types of infractions will result in suspension out of school and possible arrest. Ridge Community High School has a Zero Tolerance Policy for these types of behaviors.

Attendance: Students need to be in school each day. If not, he/she may be withdrawn from school. Students should obtain an excused note for doctor’s appointments and present to the secretary in the main office (from the courtyard area). Parent notes are not accepted for appointments.

  • Checking In: Students who are tardy to school are required to go to the Choice Program. If returning from an appointment, students need to provide a doctor’s note at main office entrance in front and return to class with approved slip.
  • Checking Out: Only the names on the emergency card can check students out of school. We will require photo identification for checking students out of school. Parents/guardians should come to the main office entrance to check students out. WE WILL NOT CHECK STUDENTS OUT OF SCHOOL AFTER 1:30 P.M.

Student IDs: All students will be issued an ID and must wear or have IDs available at all times. Students will be required to use these IDs for lunch, media services, school events, restroom privileges, etc. Students MUST have ID to leave class.