Dual Enrollment Information @ RCHS

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Steps for Dual Enrollment

If you have already completed steps #1 and #2 move on to #3

  • Complete the free online application at polk.edu This must be done as soon as possible. It typically takes three to five business days for you to receive an email from Admissions with your Polk State ID and other information.  If you do not receive anything email me at steve.haun@polk-fl.net.

Once you receive your Polk State ID number email Mary Westgate mwestgate@polk.edu at Polk State to schedule a PERT test.  All testing is done remotely.



Log in through the link above (using the student portal username and password).  Click the “Contact Info” button and provide a phone number and/or email address. Click the “Course Requests” button. Click the “Add New College” button and select “Polk State College” for the college name, select the Spring Term. Select Steve Haun as the Guidance Counselor.  Click the “Add Now” button.  Student agrees to general terms of District Dual Enrollment and Polk State College by reading and checking the 2 boxes and clicking the “Submit Approval” button.


  • Contact Mr. Haun haun@polk-fl.net with your Pert scores to see what courses you are eligible to take.







Ridge Community After School Courses


College Composition I ENC 1101                                                                Online                                                                  REF# 93830

College Algebra MAC 1105                                                                           Online                                                                  REF# 93834

Intermediate Algebra MAT 1033                                                               Online                                                                  REF# 93836

College Success SLS 1101                                                                              Online                                                                  REF# 94339

Intro to Probability and Statistics                                                             Online                                                                  REF# 93842

College Composition II ENC 1102                                                               M and W 3:00 to 4:45                                     REF# 93831

Wellness: Nutrition, Personal Growth and Fitness HSC 1101         M and W 3:30 to 4:45                                     REF# 95796

Introduction to Humanities HUM 2020                                                  Online                                                                  REF# 93832

College Success SLS 1101                                                                              T and Thursday 3:00 to 4:45                        REF# 93841

Biological Issues BSC 1033                                                                            Hybrid (on campus days TBD)                     REF# 93827

Intro to Religious Studies REL 2300                                                          Online                                                                  REF# 93839

World Religions REL 2300                                                                             Online                                                                  REF# 93840