The high school curriculum is designed to offer students a foundational knowledge in preparation for post-secondary opportunities.  Students will learn foundations in mathematics, science, social studies and the English language arts.  Students are required to meet the graduation requirements as prescribed by the Florida Department of Education.  More information on graduation requirements can be found on our Guidance Department website.

In addition to our standard academic program, students have the potential to take rigorous Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses.  Our partnership with Polk State College offers students the opportunity to earn their associates degree while simultaneously meeting the requirements for graduation.

RCHS also offers a plethora of elective programs and career/technical academy certification programs.  Each program is unique and offers students a chance to learn skills that are valuable and marketable in the industry.

The Advanced Placement program at RCHS provides students a rigorous college preparation curriculum that is designed to grow student’s critical thinking and analysis skills.  Courses are offered in English, mathematics, history, art and science.  Students enrolled in the AP Program are expected to take the AP Examination held each spring for the opportunity to earn college credit.

AP Advanced Placement program
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Dual Enrollment courses are offered both during the academic day and after school.  In order to be eligible for dual enrollment courses, students must meet the admission requirements for Polk State College, and be matriculated as a Polk State student.  Students can earn college credits towards their associates degree with no tuition cost.  Courses are available in the humanities, math and sciences, as well as additional Polk State College courses as they are offered.  For more information on the dual enrollment program, visit our Guidance Department website.

The English Language Arts Department supports student learning through rigorous studies of both nonfiction and fiction literature, writing skills, analytical and critical thinking strategies, and public speaking and presentation skills.  Students study various time periods of world, American, and British literature in preparation for the Florida Standards Assessment.  Students who require additional support in reading skills can take reading courses to support them in the required skills to be proficient in the standards.  11th and 12th grade students have the option to take Advanced Placement courses in English Language and English Literature.

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The Mathematics Department at Ridge Community High School focuses on enhancing student’s mathematical skills and promotes problem solving and critical thinking.  The faculty strives to teach students that mathematics is everywhere and is essential in our lives through real-world scenarios.  The department offers intensive mathematics courses, algebra, algebra II, geometry, math for college readiness, precalculus, calculus, and AP Calculus as well.  The goal of the math department is to create a stress free learning environment that is conducive to student growth.

The science department at RCHS is designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to gain the science credits needed for graduation. We have regular, honors, and some AP level classes. Regular students generally progress from environmental science to biology to chemistry. Honors students have honors biology and honors chemistry available. AP Biology and AP Chemistry are available for students to potentially earn college credit. Elective courses such as physics and marine biology are also offered.

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Social Studies explores the study of people in relation to each other and to their world.  It consists of history, geography, economics, law, psychology, political science and other social science disciplines. Social Studies is integral to the process of enabling students to develop an understanding of who they are, what they want to become, and the society in which they want to live.



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Digital Art

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Digital Media Production

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Music Theory/Guitar



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Additional elective courses are available through our Career and Technical Education academy programs.